How Could We Decorate Our House

Core Tip: family is our most intimate and the most comfortable place. Household plays an essential for our comfortable life. How could set up our house so that the house could seem more warm?


Fashion is topic that people always pursue. Recently, the most popular fashion lifestyle is based on the healthy theme. When you are choosing furnishings and home decoration, you cannot ignore the health details; otherwise it really becomes r "looks beautiful!" What should we pay attention to the home health details?


Too moist toilet could make people get sick easily

Wet toilet is easy to grow fungal and reproduction to induced respiratory disease. So, wet mop should be dried and then placed in the smooth flow of ground toilets.


Remove the home smell

You could sprinkle mountains syrup in sewer mouth and mixed with some of the pots of fresh orange peel, closets and drawers.


Complex items make eyes tired

You should display little plants in the house. Too many plants can damage the environment overall sense. It not only difficult to play a role in regulating mood, but also will cause visual fatigue.


Choose the right curtain to have a good sleep

Flocking fabric curtains are relatively thick. If you want to have the good sound-absorbing and shading effect, you could red, black tie curtains to help to sleep as soon as possible.


Fully tempered glass is the safest in shower room,

Semi-tempered glass or bent glass in the winter or the summer with cold water or with hot water may burst, but the safety of tempered is high.


Household tiles should not too bright

White and metallic tiles have highly reflective, which may lead to myopia and cataract. They are not suitable for large-scale to use.


It is dangerous to regard the balcony as the kitchen

If we put the stove in the balcony, in the winter, it is easy to crack the pipeline to cause the safety accidents and gas leak.


Use less oil to decorate the room

Oil paints contain a certain amount of soluble antimony, arsenic, barium, lead, mercury, selenium and other elements. If they are excessive, it is hazardous to health.

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